Mary Cigarettes
My name is Mary.....Mary Cigarettes.... I won't bore you with my musical history like so many do... all i will tell you is i live to sing,write and record. Good lyrics and melodies mean everything to me. It's all I've ever done. I am very very old as you can see, but i don't try and hide it.... infact I feel lucky that I've lived through the golden years of recorded music. It gives me a lot to draw from . It's very exciting for me to release something on a German netlabel... Kraftwerk were blowing my mind when I was a teenager, and i admire ground breaking people like Klaus Nomi, Amanda Lear... and Billie Ray Martin.

I had fantastic sex in Germany once... in Cologne to be exact... it was after an Iggy Pop concert, and I will never forget it. So yes... having my music on a German netlabel means something to me.
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