Drei Farben House
Drei Farben House (which can be translated as "Three Colours House") is the pop-house project of Berlin based Michael Siegle. The name Drei Farben House is based on the three-color movie series of the Polish director Kristof Kieslowski. Contrary to a great number of other house producers, Drei Farben House does not centre the soul and disco roots of House in his tracks, but the uptake of pop melodies in the House context. Therefore the use of his own voice is a very important part in the music of Drei Farben House, but he announces that he also wants to collaborate with other singers in the future.

After his MP3-releases ("Stadtarchiv EP" and "Fashion" EP) and remixes for Bobby Baby and Lucky Misu on Corpid Extra, Drei Farben House has released several vinyl singles and albums on renowned techno and house labels like Force Tracks or Brut! Records, and as a DJ you can hear Drei Farben House spin records all around the world.  So keep on dancing!

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