Bobby Baby is Ella Blixt and the queen of electronic folk music. The singer was born in a small town in south east of Sweden in 1983. When Bobby Baby was 12 years old she started to play guitar and write her own songs. In early 2005 she started to record her songs under the "Bobby Baby" moniker and offered the music as free downloads on her website. In the same year she released an EP called "Loves to Dance" on a small independent label called Red Letter Day Records and worked on songs with several other artist including Thomas Denver Johnson and Mixtapes and Cellmates.
In the year 2006 Bobby Baby moved from Malmö, Sweden, to Berlin in Germany. There she soon met a lot of musicians that she started two new projects with: Together with Robert Kretzschmann she formed "It's a musical!" and with F.S. Blumm she recorded songs as "Bobby & Blumm". With both projects Bobby Baby released some wonderful albums on the great electronic pop music label Morr Music.
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